• Founded in 2003, a beautiful and beguiling little gem in the center of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Green Tangerine is a “must visit” for any traveller seeking a unique gastronomic experience.

    Continually surprising both loyal and first-time customers alike, the “wizard” behind the restaurant’s innovative menu, Stephane Yvin, is actually a biological engineer-turned-chef. His skillful hands, amazing creativity, and unwavering passion for matching ingredients have introduced thousands of customers to unforgettable culinary delights. From the day it opened it’s doors, and over the years until today, the perfect blending of the climax of French haute cuisine with the gentle touch of distinctive Vietnamese culinary art represented in each unique dish has continued to build the prestigious reputation of this much loved restaurant.

  • Also contributing in large part to the success of Green Tangerine is Nguyen My Giang Huong, also known as Tin. As Chef Escoffier Vietnam and Commanderie de Bordeaux Wine, she is a key member of the restaurant’s award winning team. Together, Stephane and Tin represent the perfect combination of skills and imagination to continually conjure up a mouth-watering array of world class creations. Inspired by the many exciting journeys of our two master chefs, each and every dish at Green Tangerine represents a fascinating untold story of experiences gained through countless adventures.

    With a peaceful ambiance and enchanting decor, our spacious French-colonial villa dating back to 1928 can accommodate up to 90 guests. Here, while losing yourself in the smooth melody of jazz and sipping a prestige wine or a hot cup of espresso, you can pamper your soul with the sweetness of a truly unique dish. At Green Tangerine, you will absolutely be immersed in the most vivid of delightful sensations.